BMS-Exotron Thermal Destruction Systems

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Anaheim, CA 92806

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ex-reactor-model-graphic2The BMS-Exotron’s materials minimization and destruction technology consists of a continuous multi-stage process, with the first stage being a direct or indirect fired vacuum assisted reactor where the materials to be thermally destroyed are moved through a series of various temperature zones under controlled (reductive/oxidative) atmospheres.

The heating process in most cases takes place in an external shell which prevents comingling of the burner exhausts with the material decomposition gasses. The process is continuous, whereby the materials to be processed are first particle size reduced, and then continuously fed into the system at controlled rates. Some models offer a recycle option, whereby the exhaust gasses from the heating system can be reintroduced into the main chamber. Direct fired systems are also offered for specific waste streams.

ex-reactor-modelThe units are fully integrated, and skid mounted. Simple connections reduce installation time to two days. Typical utility services required include 3-phase 480V power (100 Amp) and up to 10,000 SCFH of natural gas. The natural gas range is between 2,000 and 10,000 SCFH depending on feed material composition. Standard models offered have the following throughputs: