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Thermal Destruction Systems

Exotron Incorporated is a leading designer, developer, and private label manufacturer of thermal destruction equipment for waste stream minimization, material recovery and material destruction for many industrial processes. Exotron specializes in Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, Scrubbers, Mass Reduction Systems, Pyrolysis Process Systems, NOx Reduction Systems and Technical Industrial Services.

Engineering Solutions for the Future

Exotron Inc. is committed to providing "Engineering Solutions for the Future". Exotron Inc. has a team of Chemical and Mechanical Engineers working hard to create and provide you with the latest and most technologically advanced products and ideas.

The leaders at Exotron have teamed with the leaders at Envirokem to provide Chemical Compounding. We thoroughly analyze your current elements in our labs to provide the best end use for these materials. We compound many different Chemicals to create the optimum formula and products so you may reach your goals.

Exotron manufactures many different, environmentally conscious products as well as metal treating products. We pride ourselves on working directly with our customers to meet their unique needs. We look forward to turning your ideas into reality.

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