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Water Polymers for Wastewater Treatment Systems

Water Polymers for Wastewater Treatment Systems

Exotron provides a list of over 10,000 polymers for your wastewater treatment facility. After our extensive jar lab testing of your process water, we then formulate the exact polymer blend for effective flocculation and optimal water treatment in your plant. Our inventory includes cationic and anionic polymers as well chitosan products which are Eco Friendly. Our testing is directed at formulating the most efficient, cost effective polymer for your process water. With compliance in mind while managing chemical costs, Exotron will work side by side with your plant to insure you are getting the highest level of service industry can offer.

Exotron has joined forces with Evirokem Engineering Services and with combined over 50 years of wastewater treatment design and operation we can customize a polymer that is the most cost effective solution for your waste water treatment facility while maintaining compliance.


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