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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Continuous Sedimentation Wastewater Treatment Systems

Exotron manufactures state of the art continuos sedimatation systems that have high efficiency ratings for the wire manufacturing, plating, metal finishing and aerospace manufacturing industries to name a few. Exotron has joined forces with Envirokem Engineering Services who has over 30 years experience with sedimentaion systems including concentrate bleed in, neutralization, heavy metals reduction and cyanide destruction. Our designs incorporate those years of experience to effectively remove most sediments from your process stream.

Exotron fabricates most items in house such as clarifiers, filter presses and sedimentaion tanks. With an extensive background with equipment for water treatment design we can manufacture a system that will fit your facility floor plan and work at high levels of effectiveness, quality and compliance. Exotron also offers full 3D drawings prior to fabrication so you can visualize the system you will have delivered and installed in your facility. Once installed Exotron offers a full range of services to maintain your system including chemicals, training, monthly maintenance and comliance monitoring.

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