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Metbond MCX-90

Metbond MCX-90 Product

Metbond MCX-90 was developed to treat heavy metal contaminated soil, industrial wastes and municipal sludge. MCX-90 has been proven effective on continuous processing applications such as Automobile Shredder Waste (ASW) now classified as Metal Shredder Residue (MSR). This product has been field tested extensively on MSR, ash, sludge soils, and plating wastes. The California Regional Water Quality Control Board approved MSR (ASW) treated with MCX-90 for disposal at the environmentally sensitive BKK Landfill.


Metbond MCX-90 Physical Characteristics

Specific Gravity @ 77°F                      1.4832

Viscosity @ 77°F                                   2000 cps (neat)

pH (Neat)                                               11.6

Pounds Per U.S. Gallon                       12.37


Metbond MCX-90 Benefits

Treats a broad spectrum of transition metals (heavy metals)

Enhanced leach resistant characteristics, Passing CAM WET, TCLP test methods

Low consumption rates for treatment

An accepted treatment technology

Treating materials for over 28 years without landfill disposal issues

Technical field support available

Bench scale testing services


Metbond MCX-90 Application

Metbond MCX-90 is typically dispersed in water then applied to the waste stream. The treatment components are thoroughly mixed then allowed to react. If the waste stream has high water content then the MCX-90 can be added in neat form. The MCX-90 product can be used in conjunction with alkaline activators such as lime or cement to reduce product consumption and speed up the reaction process.


Envirokem Metbond MCX-90 is the only product on the market today that treats MSR and has been validated by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board for landfill disposal. The user friendly characteristics combined with product quality and technical support, Envirokem can deliver compliance with economic costs.




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