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EcoFoam 26D+

26 D+ is a high density foam agent creating excellent foam blanket stability while combining high water content for idea thermal quenching and oxygen isolation. This Eco friendly fire retardant is non-corrosive to operating equipment. The formula contains proprietary chemistry to enhance bubble wall strength with a high purity surfactant. EcoFoam can be used at different concentrations to achieve desired quench/blanket characteristics from a single product.


EcoFoam is non-toxic and is naturally derived from the high quality American made raw materials. Our product is highly biodegradable and has low toxicity for operator safety. The 26D+ formula is environmentally safe leaving no long term residue and will not adversely affect soils, animal or marine life. This product has for lower toxicity than conventional fire retardants.


EcoFoam 26D+ Physical Characteristics

Appearance                                          Light yellow liquid

Density @ 77°F                                     8.68 Pound/Gallon

Specific Gravity @ 77°F                      1.04

Viscosity @ 77°F                                   .30 cps (neat)

pH (Neat)                                               7.5 to 8.2

Boiling Temperature                           212°F

Freeze Temperature                           30°F

Dilution Rate                                         As required by the end user


EcoFoam 26D+ Benefits

Stabile foam using enhanced bubble film chemistry

Maximum oxygen isolation reducing combustion smoke, excellent fire retardant

Effective in a wide range of concentrations

Quality foam in low or high hardness water

Can be used with sea water

Highly biodegradable

NO phosphates, heavy metals, chlorides, fluorides or butyl carbitol

Non corrosive and low toxicity

Safe for personal and equipment

Outstanding water retention

Effective fire knockdown and suppression

High foam expansion ratios, can be as high as 1:2000

Excellent suppression of organic vapors

High blanket retention time and healing


EcoFoam 26D+ Application

EcoFoam has been developed to be applied after dilution. The dilution rate should be used at the same rate as conventional foam retardants. Some experimentation should be conducted using site equipment for ideal foam characteristics preferred by the end user. This product can be applied using modern foam generation equipment, low or high pressure spray systems and aspirated nozzles.


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