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Coagulants for Wastewater Treatment Systems

Exotron stocks and supplies a wide variety of chemicals for your waste water treatment facility. Coagulants are a major component for your wastewater treatment facility to suspend solids for ease of elimination from your water. Testing water and then supplying the correct coagulant is where Exotron stands above the rest by supplying the best coagulant at the most cost effective price while insuring your facility maintains full compliance. Our full service approach while maintaining a full inventory of waste water treatment chemicals for clients including coagulants saves clients major money for your treatment needs.

Exotron also maintains a large inventory of pure coagulants that are cost effective, efficient, and offer a high level of turbidity removal which includes Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate - Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) - Aluminum Chlorohydrate - Aluminum Sulfate - Bentonite Clay - Polyaluminum Hydroxychloride - Aluminum Chloride - Ferric Chloride – Chitosan.

In addition to the listed coagulants Extron stocks a full range of polymers – acids – alkalis – filter aids – specialty blends and many other custom chemicals your treatment facility may require. Exotron also engineers and designs full water treatment facilities to your plants custom footprint while taking size into account to save space while providing a very effective system for you needs. A full set of 3D drawings are supplied prior to installation to eliminate process flow concerns for your operation.


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