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CheetahSep Product Line

The CheetahSep product line is formulated as an emulsion breaker. Chitosan’s strong affinity for oil/grease adsorption creates an ideal product for breaking metal working soluble oils. The product is formulated with a high buffering capacity for decreased time during the emulsion breaking process. Given the attention to quality control and consistent raw materials the CheetahSep product has consistent performance from batch to batch and can be used in either batch or continuous processing of oil removal.


The CheetahSep Product is stabilized chitosan acetate complex’s designed for user friendly processing, consistency and a strong focus on EPA certified “Green Chemistry”.


Cheetah Sep Physical Characteristics

Appearance                                                          Light Yellow/Amber Liquid

Density @ 77°F                                                     8.68 Pound/Gallon

Specific Gravity @77°F                                       1.04

Viscosity @ 77°F                                                   2500 cps (neat)

pH (Neat)                                                               3.0 to 3.5

Boiling Temperature                                           212°F

Freezing Temp                                                      24°F

Dilution Rate                                                         As required by the end user


Cheetah Sep Benefits

Consistent high molecular weight/charge

Made from natural chitin - EPA certified green chemistry

Stabilized formula for highest shelf life performance

Minimal toxicity to the environment

Made with Organic/ANSI 60 and NSF food grade components

On Site / Field Technical Support for Application

Bench Scale Laboratory Services

Formulated for easy back flush sand filter cleaning

Accepted for use in Storm Water systems by most Departments of Fish and Game


Cheetah Sep Application

Product can be supplied as a concentrate and mixes easily into batch or continuous processing of oil removal systems. The product can be blended with additional polymers/acids for fast emulsion breaking characteristics, depending on customer needs. Product performance is related to pH range and can be adapted to site specific processes. Ideal water to be treated pH range is 3.5 to 6.7.



The information presented herein has been compiled from sources considered to be dependable and is accurate to the best of Envirokem/Exotron knowledge; however, Envirokem/Exotron makes no warranty whatsoever expressed or implied of the merchantability of fitness for the particular purpose regarding the accuracy of such data or the results to be obtained from the use thereof. Envirokem/Exotron assumes no responsibility for injury to recipient or third persons or any damage to any property and the recipient assumes all such risks.


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