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Batch Filter Presses


Exotron Batch Filter Presses are used for dewatering wastewater with solids. Different from other presses, Batch Filter Presses apply high pressure to slurries between press plates and extract a high majority of liquids from the slurry. This produces a solid cake material that can be landfilled and the waters that were expelled are treated and can be discharged to the sewer with a permit typically. Extotron manufactures an industry leading Batch Filter Press with high levels of quality, durability and high level performance.

Models range from 500 to 10,000+ gallons per batch and include many standard features others do not. Exotron Batch Filter Presses include:

  • Fully Automated Design for ease of operation
  • High End Hydraulic System Complete
  • Blow Down System Complete
  • 100 PSI Rated System Complete
  • Design To Fit Your Exact Requirements

Typical Industries Serviced:

  • Metal Finishing Industry
  • Ink and Paint Related Industries
  • Printing and Corrugated Industries
  • Plating Related Industries

Exotron has joined forces with Envirokem Engineering Services who have over 30 years of experience in the wastewater treatment industry. Envirokem has a full service lab capability to test facility wastewater and formulate a specific chemical blend optimizing costs and performance to provide our clients with the best solution for their wastewater needs. Our combined blending capabilities take into account pH balancing while mixing the exact amount of polymers, coagulants and sludge conditioners to keep your system operational at the most cost effective level. Exotron offers complete compliance monitoring services to insure your facility eliminates regulatory complications.

Exotron also conducts on site facility waste water system analysis and solution based implementations at no charge to maintain your waste water treatment challenges at the most cost effective levels so please contact us with your specific needs.

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