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  • Thermal Destruction

    Thermal Destruction

    Exotron Incorporated is a leading designer, developer, and private label manufacturer of thermal destruction equipment for waste stream minimization, material…

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  • Industrial Coating Waste Water Treatment

    Industrial Coating Waste Water Treatment

    The physical/chemical nature of Exotron technology is especially well suited to a wide variety of paint and coating wastewater applications,…

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  • Metal Wastewater Management

    Metal Wastewater Management

    Metal wastewater can be especially challenging to manage given its concentration of pollutants. Most of those need to be removed…

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  • Machining and Metalworking Facilities

    Machining and Metalworking Facilities

    Every machine shop supervisor needs a wastewater treatment company that truly understands the compliance issues he or she is dealing…

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  • Food Wastewater Treatment

    Food Wastewater Treatment

    When it comes to buying equipment for treating food wastewater you need a company that understands the many compliance issues…

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