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About us

In a nutshell about us

Exotron Incorporated is a leading designer, developer, and private label manufacturer of  thermal destruction equipment, material recovery and material destruction for many industrial processes. Exotron specializes in Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, Scrubbers, Mass Reduction Systems, Pyrolysis Process Systems, NOx Reduction Systems and Technical Industrial Services.

Exotron Incorporated is also an industry leader in the design and service of wastewater treatment systems. Exotron is now the exclusive distributor for Envirokem Engineering Services throughout the United States. Envirokem has pioneered the development of products and chemicals for the remediation of heavy metal contaminants in industrial byproducts and waste streams for over 30 years.

In conjunction with heavy metal contamination Exotron/Envirokem have developed a niche market for industrial wastewater treatment systems, storm water treatment systems, fire suppression materials, dust control systems, and chemical oxidation products.

Exotron will be working directly with Envirokem to sell and distribute wastewater solutions and to provide field services for the wastewater industry throughout the United States and abroad.

Exotron’s focus on the market place today includes specialty chemical development and applications for the industrial and municipal waste stream markets in joint venture with Envirokem. Our focus is customer needs that require a unique product, system design or field service. This level of service or a process specific product is not typically available from large commodity chemical suppliers. At Exotron our focus is to find solutions to client specific wastewater issues and supply the design concept, the materials and equipment to accomplish specific wastewater treatment and provide the long term on-going services to maintain facility requirements.

Exotron maintains a product development and bench scale testing laboratory with Envirokem that provides a comprehensive and complete solution to the customer needs. Our ability to provide a unique product or process solution in a timely manner is unparalleled in our industry.